Guvenli Yasam was founded in 1987 in order to manufacture personal protective equipments and protection instruments of law enforcement agency (police) and armed forces (military) in the scope of public security with plastic injection technology.

It has preserved the quality in its sector every day until today since it was established and has raised its target with the design and production of technical plastics and composite, mechanical, technical textile, electronic and electro-optical products in the defense sector.

Guvenli Yasam will continue to develop original and reliable systems that will meet existing and potential customer needs by following domestic or foreign developments, by strengthening its relations in the sector.

In the forthcoming years it will put its signature under successes in the defense sector with the enthusiasm and synergy of reconstruction.

Our objective is; to be beneficial to our country and to contribute more to the national defense industry by increasing our employment capacity, manufacturing capacity and expanding our product variety.